Keel Sharpies 
Straight stem, straight stern, slab sides, flat hulls - and ballasted keels
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Micro - the keel sharpie queen
Long Micro - just a little more
Oldshoe - daysailing comfort

The queen of the Bolger keel sharpies and  the world's only real pocket cruiser: 15'4" x6', draft 1'9", sail 153 sq ft

SquareBoats  brings you Roger Keyes' adventuring Micro, Paloma Blanca

Other Micros rampage at the ends of these external links plundered from the Bolger Boats on the Web listing:

For those who want a little bit more:  19'6" x 6', draft 1'9'', sail 263 sq ft

At the risk of being excommunicated by the Master, SquareBoats has Dave Zeiger and Anke Wagner's Zoon, a modified Long Micro with leeboards rather than keel.  Conventional Long Micros haul their keels on these external links:

 Daysailer much bigger than her dimensions suggest: 11'7" x 5'1'', draft 1'3", sail 91 sq ft

Sail up Sydney Harbour without a rudder - Heinrich Rose's maiden voyage

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