Banty Long-lived much-used and well-travelled Micro  Square Boats logo

Photo (c) John McDaniel
John and Susan McDaniel built Banty in 1991.  They've sailed her down the west coast of Florida, through the Florida Keys and up the Atlantic side.  Banty has sailed off the coast of North Carolina and on many midwestern lakes and rivers - the photo was taken (May 99) on Rend Lake, Illinois, and the Annual Spring Midwest Messabout.

Banty's travels makes her once of the most active Micros around.  John and Susan write:

We like our floating space capsule so much that we're now building the 48' steel sail boat Phil Bolger and Susanne Altenburger designed for us (Design #642, Antispray 48).  If you have  Bolger's "103 Small boat Rigs", our boat is Rig 103!


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