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Manage your web page.

Using the Web Blaster Pro icon in WorldGroup Manager

  • Run "WorldGroup Manager" and connect to "Ace".
  • Select the "Internet" icon.

  • Select the"Web Blaster" icon.

  • The first time you run "Web Blaster" you will get this information screen.

  • In the example given, the directory "jsmith" will become the web address of "".
    You might also like to select your favourite Web, Graphics and Text Editors if you have them.

  • The "Main" screen is where you maintain your web page if you are editing it yourself.

  • The "History" screen keeps track of when you work on your web site.

  • If you just want to create a quick and dirty web site, use any of the "Templates" supplied.

  • The "Info" screen shows lots of statistics about your web site.

  • Now go tell all your friends about your fabulous web site on "Ace Internet".


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